Frequently Asked Questions


Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers. -Voltaire


How long will a free intro take?

Normally a free intro from start to beginning will last 30 min. However, depending on the amount, knowledge, personality of people, intro will last 30-45 min.

if it’s so easy why isn’t everybody doing?

Excellent question! Exactly, everybody is not doing it because it is NOT easy. However, many people don’t want you to know that the tools, knowledge, money, and power ARE available to the people. That’s why we are here. When you apply the correct knowledge, with tools, it will be a lot easier than you might expect.

When can i expect to see money coming in?

It is up to you. 1 week. Maybe 10 months. Some learn fast. Others… not so much. Everyone who joins the program will have access to the same tools, attention, and knowledge necessary to jump start the REAL money making process. It is up to you to apply it to your everyday lives.

do i have to do the free intro?

Absolutely not. If you are ready to purchase, simply go to products page- add to cart your desired product-checkout. You will receive email with info on your purchase and receipt. I will personally contact you via email/phone with info about the event.

Should I dress up for the event?

Here at Day Trade In a Day we don’t judge or discriminate. However, we are located in an office with lawyers, investors, business owners, and of course other wonderful students looking to network and learn about the new skills we have to offer. So the answer is, dress for success and put on your best face forward. It will be a professional/casual intro.

how much initial capital do i need to average $200/day ?

Depends on the route you take. We show you trading leveraging money different ways. Aside from the FOREX day trading program, I would say $500.